Member Qualifications and Application

The identification and recruitment of outstanding leaders for membership are among the most enduring contributions that current members can make to CEO. The opportunity to apply for membership in CEO is by invitation only. 

Member Qualifications

  1. YPO Membership and Age – Prospective candidates must be a current member of YPO and at least 48 years of age.
  2. Demonstrated Outstanding Leadership in YPO – An invitation to become a member of CEO is extended only to those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership credentials in YPO. 
  3. ‚ÄčSuccessful Qualitative Assessment – Character is the most important quality in a nominee. His or her personal qualities of friendliness and involvement are key factors.

Member Application

  1. Nominating a Candidate – CEO members are encouraged to nominate targeted prospective members, including former CEO members, year-round by contacting The Membership team will be happy to assist you in completing the application form.
  2. Reviewing a Candidate – Our membership network of regional volunteer member leaders will review your nominee’s qualifications and seek input from local membership teams.
  3. Securing a Sponsor – Once the nominee is considered qualified and you have confirmed that he or she will become active in the CEO community, CEO Headquarters will assist you in securing a second sponsor for your candidate.
  4. Approving a Candidate – The Membership Committee approves a slate of nominees each month. If approved, your candidate will be welcomed into CEO upon acceptance of the membership invitation.
  5. For more information, contact